AXIS T91G61 (5506-951) Wall Mount
AXIS T91G61 (5506-951) Wall Mount
Axis T91G61 (5506-951)
AXIS T91G61 (5506-951) Wall Mount


AXIS T91G61 (5506-951) Wall Mount

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SKU: T91G61 (5506-951)



  • Room for connectivity devices, midspans and service loop
  • Protection against impacts, water, dust and corrosion
  • Pre-mounted Ethernet cable with IP66 RJ45 connector
  • Re-use existing holes
  • Compatible PTZ Cameras: AXIS M5525-E, AXIS P5624-E Mk II, AXIS P5635-E Mk II, AXIS Q6000-E Mk II, AXIS Q6052-E, AXIS Q6054-E Mk II, AXIS Q6055-C, AXIS Q6055-E, AXIS Q6115-E, AXIS Q6124-E, AXIS Q6128-E, AXIS Q6155-E
  • Compatible Domes: AXIS Q3708-PVE, AXIS Q3709-PVE
  • Compatible Cables: Gasket C M20
  • Compatible Mounts: AXIS ACI Conduit Adapter 3/4" U-Shape 30 mm, AXIS ACI Conduit Adapter 3/4″ NPS, AXIS ACI Conduit Cover A, AXIS T91A57 Pole Mount 60-400 mm, AXIS T91A64 Corner Bracket
  • Compatible PoE over Coax: AXIS T8642 PoE+ over Coax Device
  • Miscellaneous Options: AXIS Bird Control Spike, AXIS T91G61/T91L61 Screw Kit