AXIS T94V01D (5801-431)
AXIS T94V01D (5801-431) Pendant Kit


AXIS T94V01D (5801-431) Pendant Kit

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  • In and outdoor pendant kit for mounting the camera on 1.5" NPS threaded brackets.
  • Fixed Domes: AXIS Q3615-VE, AXIS Q3617-VE
  • Compatible Mounts: AXIS T91B50 Telescopic Ceiling Mount, AXIS T91B51 Ceiling Mount, AXIS T91B52 Extension Pipe, AXIS T91B62 Parapet Mount, AXIS T91B63 Ceiling Mount, AXIS T91D61 Wall Mount 1.5” NPS, AXIS T91D62 Telescopic Parapet Mount, AXIS T91D67 Pole Mount, AXIS T91E61 Wall Mount, AXIS T91H61 Wall Mount
  • Compatible Options: AXIS Bird Control Spike