Hanwha SPC-2000 Network Controller
Hanwha SPC-2000 Network Controller

Hanwha / Samsung

Hanwha SPC-2000 Network Controller

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Manufacturer has Discontinued and Replaced Model with SPC-2001 3D Joystick Controller

Hanwha SPC-2000 Features

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 157.0 x 127.0 x 168.0mm (6.18" x 5" x 6.61")
  • Weight: 440g (0.97lb)
  • LCD Display: None
  • Joystick: 3 Axis twist zoom
  • Input Voltage-Current: 5V DC, 32mA (USB)
  • Operating Temperature: -25˚C ~ 70˚C (-13˚F ~ 158˚F
  • Operating Humidity: 10% ~70%

Hanwha SPC-2000 Overview

The SPC-2000 is a USB joystick controller used with Hanwha's Net-i Viewer software to control Hanwha PTZ network cameras. It features a 3D joystick with 3 – axis twist zoom, a USB 2.0 and DirectX interface.