Mobotix Mx-APP-MX-TVA MOBOTIX Thermal Validation App

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MOBOTIX Thermal Validation App including the following features: • App optimizes MOBOTIX Thermal Radiometry cameras for use in the fields of waste management and logistics • Enables filtering of vehicles (e.g. construction vehicles und forklifts) as a non-critical source of high temperatures (e.g. by measuring hot body parts such as the exhaust or engine cover) • Extension of the temperature measurement functions of MOBOTIX Thermal Radiometry cameras (CNPP 19005 compliant) • Definition of up to 20 temperature measurement areas within the field of view of the camera • individual calibration of each temperature measurement area (e.g. emissivity values) • Temperature events when defined temperature thresholds are exceeded • Detection of physical manipulation of the thermal sensor (e.g. sensor covered) • MOBOTIX events via MxMessageSystem • Reporting of temperature data and threshold status of each area via MODBUS/TCP and JSON / XML via HTTP(S)