AXIS 211W (0270-004) Wireless IP Network Camera
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AXIS 211W (0270-004) Wireless IP Network Camera


AXIS 211W (0270-004) Wireless IP Network Camera

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Replaced by: M1011-W or M1031-W (0301-004 or 0300-004)


AXIS 211W Features

  • Progressive scan image sensor
  • Wireless capability for both IEEE 802.11g/b standards
  • Indoor and outdoor options
  • Simultaneous MPEG-4/Motion JPEG video compression
  • Up to 30 frames per second in VGA resolution

AXIS 211W Overview

The AXIS 211W (0270-004) network camera offers professional indoor/outdoor video surveillance with the flexibility of wireless technology. It is an excellent choice for use in hotels, universities, schools, offices and more.
The Flexibility of Wireless
Thanks to its built in wireless capability, the AXIS 211W (0270004) network camera can be placed wherever you need it, without network connection restraint. The AXIS 211W provides support for the IEEE 802.11g as well as backwards compatibility with the IEEE 802.11b standard for the greatest in network connectivity. Included with the AXIS 211W is a powerful, omni-directional wireless antennae which is easily exchangeable for future upgrades. There is also a special bundle available which allows the AXIS 211W to be installed outdoors, giving you the greatest in possibilities for security camera placement.
Superior Image Quality with Progressive Scan
The AXIS 211W utilizes progressive scan imaging technology to provide the best picture available. More traditional interlaced scanning techniques consist of two image frames which are then combined into a single image: this makes for a less clear, blurrier image. Progressive scanning takes in images in a single scan, providing clarity for your video surveillance.
The AXIS 211W also includes support for simultaneous MPEG-4/Motion JPEG video compression, giving you the greatest in options for your video feeds. With customization both in frame rate and resolution, you can optimize your system for the best in both image quality and bandwidth efficiency.
Two-way Audio Support
For greater functionality, the AXIS 211W can also be configured for two-way audio support. A built-in microphone gives real-time, synchronized audio feeds, and the camera can also be connected with external speakers giving you the ability to communicate with those physically present in the area under surveillance. Make requests of visitors, give orders to intruders: this is powerful functionality for your network camera.
High quality, superior imaging and the flexible placement possibilities of wireless make the AXIS 211W IP network camera an ideal choice for professional video surveillance needs.