AXIS 221 (0221-004) IP Network Camera
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AXIS 221 (0221-004) IP Network Camera


AXIS 221 (0221-004) IP Network Camera

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Replaced by: Q1602 (0437-001)


AXIS 221 Features

Discontinued & Replaced by the AXIS Q1602

  • Up to 45 frames per second
  • Day and night functionality
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Simultaneous MPEG-4/Motion JPEG
  • Multi-window motion detection

AXIS 221 Overview

The AXIS 221 (0221-004) network camera provides high quality, professional performance video surveillance in both day and night conditions.
Day and Night Operation
With its powerful Pentax lens, the AXIS 221 (0221004) network camera can take crisp and clear video images both day and night. With speeds of up to 45 frames per second it never misses any action and can even take clear video of quickly moving objects at night. It includes an automatic infrared cut filter, with the ability to take color images down to 0.65 lux and black and white video down to 0.08 lux, making it a powerful 24-hour security camera.
Enhanced Security
The AXIS 221 has a host of security features to keep your video surveillance as secure as possible. Multi-level user access with password protection. IP address filtering, to ensure that only the people you want get access to your video streams, as well as secure HTTP (HTTPS) encryption for the ultimate in security.
Power over Ethernet
Installation of the AXIS 221 is simplified by its Power over Ethernet technology. No power cord is needed as all power can be supplied through its Ethernet network connection. For added benefit, you can also connect the AXIS 221 to an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), to ensure a regular stream of power to the camera.
Fast Frame Speeds
To ensure the best in video quality, the AXIS 221 IP network camera is capable of incredibly fast frame rates, even at high resolutions. In VGA 640x480 resolution speeds of up to 45 frames per second are possible. At lower resolutions the speed goes up to 60 frames per second. This is on top of all the other features which the AXIS 221 network camera provides, making it one of the most powerful network cameras on the market today.
Whatever your security needs, the AXIS 221 is a perfect choice. Combining high frame rates, professional video images and day/night functionality into a single package, it will make an excellent addition to your security network.