AXIS FA1105 (0913-001)
AXIS FA1105 (0913-001)
AXIS FA1105 (0913-001)
AXIS FA1105 (0913-001)
No WDR (left) vs. Forensic WDR (right): With Forensic WDR in AXIS FA1105 and AXIS FA54, colors and details in the darker areas are more visible.
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AXIS FA1105 (0913-001) 1080p Wide Angle Discreet Sensor Unit


AXIS FA1105 (0913-001) 1080p Wide Angle Discreet Sensor Unit

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AXIS FA1105 (0913-001) Features

  • 8 Meter Cable
  • Flexible, highly discreet design for indoor use
  • Standard lens with 1080p resolution
  • Wide 111° horizontal field of view
  • Forensic WDR
  • Please note: this requires an AXIS FA Main Unit to work

AXIS FA1105 (0913-001) Overview

AXIS FA1105 is ideal for highly discreet indoor surveillance applications in stores and banks, and when integrated in machines. It can be installed in tight places and flush-mounted in a wall, ceiling or metal panel with only a small hole visible for the lens. For use with an AXIS FA Main Unit, AXIS FA1105 provides a 1080p resolution and a wide 111º horizontal field of view. AXIS FA1105 uses Forensic WDR (wide dynamic range) that is tuned for motion. The unit comes with a mounting bracket and an 8-m (26 ft.) cable for connection to a main unit.