AXIS P1343 (0320-001) Network Camera
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AXIS P1343 (0320-001) Network Camera


AXIS P1343 (0320-001) Network Camera

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Replaced by: P1353 (0523-001)


Axis P1343 Features
Discontinued & Replaced by the P1353

  • High quality SVGA resolution
  • Functional as a day and night surveillance camera
  • Works in any environment
  • Multiple H.264 streams
  • Digital PTZ
  • Simple installation
  • Local storage of captured images
  • Two-way audio
  • Robust design
  • Network management tools

Axis P1343 Overview

The Axis P1243 (0320-001) is a premium network camera for surveillance and deterrence. It is equipped with many customizable options for different environments, but is designed to be simple to use out of the box.
One of its strongest features is its good image quality. The video quality is high – SVGA network video can be streamed giving a high quality picture. Of course it is possible to reduce the quality of the stream, which is useful if one needs to be store a large amount of recorded video. Compression levels can be increased when one needs to store a lot of video.
An excellent feature is being able to stream multiple streams at the same time, at different qualities. Therefore one can sit and watch the high quality stream, which simultaneously keeping a lower quality version of the stream on your hard drive.
The Axis P1343 is known as being one of the easiest network surveillance cameras to install. It includes easy installation tools with a focus assistant, remote back focus and a pixel counter. It is as close to a ‘plug and play’ network monitoring camera available. Further to this the camera has many customizable features, making it a good choice for a wide range of applications.

Axis P1343 Benefits

  • SVGA quality –The camera supports a number of video qualities up to SVGA. It is one of the more crisp quality network surveillance cameras on the market.
  • Superb image quality – Automatically controlled IR filter can handle daylight and dark lighting conditions. Progressive scan affords clear imaging.
  • Multiple video streams – Streams can be optimized for either live viewing in high quality or video stream optimized for storage. These streams can be set to run at the same time.
  • Easy installation – Remote back focus ability makes the installation simple.
  • Focus Assistant – Helps focus the camera automatically when installing, ensuring best-quality images.
  • Fine-tuning– Users can fine-tune the images from the camera to generate images corresponding to their needs.
  • Power over Ethernet – No need for additional cables. The camera can also be powered by 8-20v DC.
  • Two-way audio –Listen to visitors, and correspond with them through a speaker.
  • Deterrent design – Clearly visible design for deterrence.
  • API support – Can be used with the VAPIX software from Axis communications.