AXIS P1343-E (0349-001) Outdoor Network Camera
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AXIS P1343-E (0349-001) Outdoor Network Camera


AXIS P1343-E (0349-001) Outdoor Network Camera

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Replaced by: P1353-E (0527-001)

AXIS P1343-E Features
Discontinued & Replaced by the P1353-E

  • High quality pictures up to SVGA resolution
  • Outdoor capability
  • Can resist extreme temperatures
  • Progressive scan RGB CMOS 1/4"
  • Varifocal 3-8 mm: 59 - 25 degree view*, F1.4, DC-iris lens
  • Easy installation
  • Automatically removable infrared-cut filter
  • Two-way audio
  • High security.
  • Intelligent alarm triggers

AXIS P1343-E Overview

The Axis P1343E (0349-001) is an excellent option for a surveillance camera that can be used both indoors and out. The network camera is designed to withstand tough weather conditions, is robust and vandal-proof.
Offering a mid-range picture quality (SVGA, acceptable for most surveillance applications), the P1343E is an affordable choice but packed with lots of features. Its progressive scan image affords a clear picture which picks up on movement. The lens is designed to be able to work well in different lighting conditions. The infra-red will switch on only when necessary.
With this range Axis have worked hard to ensure installation is easy. The initial focusing on the P134E is almost automatic. Furthermore they have supplied a powerful software suite, which allows you to monitor the picture remotely. Sound is also monitored using a microphone. You can talk to customers or intruders through the two-way audio.
The security features of the camera are also becoming of a high quality outdoor ready surveillance camera, with password protection, https video transmission, and intelligent alarm triggers that will recognize when vandals are trying to circumvent the surveillance. All in all, this camera is an excellent outdoor choice.

Axis P1343E Benefits

  • SVGA quality –The camera supports a number of video qualities up to HDTV, offering a crisp quality at an affordable price.
  • Outdoor use – Extra tough for use in all outdoor conditions. The camera is able to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Concurrent video streams – Stream multiple streams at once, allowing you to use different qualities for different functions.
  • Two-way audio support – Remotely monitor sounds and audio, and speak to visitors or intruders through the in-built speaker.
  • Security Features – This camera is virtually impossible to spy on, with advanced encryption and logging of user access.
  • High quality lens– Designed to be used in conditions where light is not always readily available, the lens will automatically adjust its picture based on the available ambient light.
  • Deterrent – The housing is strong and highly visible, with a professional look that makes potential intruders think twice.
  • API support –Supports custom made applications for different uses.
  • Weather-resistant – Can work in temperatures as low as -40 degrees.
  • Wall bracket supplied – No need for additional housing, this camera is ready to be used outdoors.