AXIS P1344 (0324-001) Network Camera
Front View
AXIS P1344 (0324-001) Network Camera
AXIS P1344 (0324-001) Network Camera
AXIS P1344 (0324-001) Network Camera
AXIS P1344 (0324-001) Network Camera
AXIS P1344 (0324-001) Network Camera
AXIS P1344 (0324-001) Network Camera


AXIS P1344 (0324-001) Network Camera

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Replaced by: P1354 (0524-001)


Axis P1344 Features
Discontinued & Replaced by the P1354

  • Superb image quality with 1MP/ HDTV 720p
  • Day/night functionality
  • Multiple H.264 streams
  • Digital PTZ
  • Easy installation with remote back focus
  • Local storage

Axis P1344 Overview

The Axis P1344 (0324-001) is an indoor network surveillance camera, part of Axis’ popular range. The popularity is well-deserved, as the cameras offer unrivalled image quality coupled with an impressive software suite and well thought out design features.
The first thing one notices about the Axis P1344 is its impressive quality of image – the Axis P1344 is capable of delivering up to a 720p high definition image. This far surpasses almost all surveillance cameras on the market in the same price range, and is more than enough for most camera applications.
A camera is nothing without its lens, and the P1344 has a 1 megapixel camera lens which is capable of automatically detecting the environment. Axis have made pains to create a camera which can pick up movement well, not appear choppy or blocky, and have minimal motion blur. The camera is also equipped to deal with different lighting environments, and will automatically enable infra-red when the light is not plentiful.
Multiple streams can be engaged at once, which is a real feature. Often one wishes to stream a high quality picture to the office, but at the same time record the video it is sending. Storing a high quality 720p image of any significant length would take a huge amount of storage space, but the P1344 gets around this problem by allowing you to stream your high quality image and record a lower bit-rate image at the same time.