AXIS P1344-E (0350-001) Outdoor IP Network Camera
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AXIS P1344-E (0350-001) Outdoor IP Network Camera


AXIS P1344-E (0350-001) Outdoor IP Network Camera

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Replaced by: P1354-E (0528-001)

AXIS P1344-E Features
Discontinued & Replaced by the P1354-E

  • 720p HDTV high quality images - HDTV resolution
  • Can be used during the day and at night
  • Outdoor ready
  • Multiple concurrent H.263 streams
  • Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Simple installation with install tools
  • Local storage support
  • IP66 rating
  • Robust and vandal proof
  • Manageable across a network

AXIS P1344-E Overview

The Axis P1344-E (part number: 0350-001) is a top quality network camera that delivers 720p images. This is a high standard, and the in-built automatic lens-adjustment software of the camera ensures that the images and video being sent is in focus and set correctly for the available ambient light. When lighting conditions are low, the P1344-E will engage its infrared mode.
Whilst the P1344-E can be used indoors, it is also one of the best cameras on the market for outdoor use. It is IP66 rated, and has been rigorously tested to withstand extreme weather conditions. The installation is also particularly smooth, with network management tools allowing you to adjust the camera as you see fit. Axis’ automatic installation software makes installing the camera almost automatic, but is also powerful enough to let you configure the camera exactly how you wish.
Being an Axis outdoor network camera, the P1344-E includes a number of advanced security features. For one, it is designed to be robust and vandal-proof, and visually it is a strong deterrent. Secondly it is almost impossible for unauthorized users to access the stream of the camera, as it has password protection, https streaming and user access logs.
The P1344-E is one of the best network cameras currently available on the market.

Axis P1344-E Benefits

  • Impressive HDTV quality –The camera is able to supply a number of video resolutions from SVGA up to HDTV
  • Excellent image quality – One of the most clear surveillance camera pictures on the market.
  • Automatically adjusting IR filter– resets for day and night conditions.
  • Progressive scan- affords clear imaging.
  • IP66 rating – Extremely robust and rigorously tested, the camera can withstand temperatures of up to -40 degrees Celsius.
  • Easy installation – Remote back focus ability makes the installation simple.
  • Focus Assistant – Helps focus the camera automatically when installing, ensuring best-quality images
  • Fine-tuning– Users can fine-tune the images from the camera to generate images corresponding to their needs.
  • Power over Ethernet – No need for additional cables. The camera can also be powered by 8-20v DC.
  • Two-way audio –Listen to visitors, and correspond with them through a speaker.
  • Deterrent look – Clearly visible design for maximum deterrence.
  • Outdoor-capable – Designed for installation outside, comes with brackets so there is no need for separate housing