AXIS P3344-V Fixed Dome Network IP Camera
AXIS P3344-V Fixed Dome Network IP Camera


AXIS P3344-V Fixed Dome Network IP Camera

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AXIS P3344-V Features

  • Resists Vandalism Attempts with a Tough Dome Housing
  • Detects Attempts to Block or Paint the Lens
  • Supports HTTPS Encryption, IPv6 and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Removable Storage via Onboard SD/SDHC Card Slot
  • Open Application Programming Interface for Custom Apps
  • Supports Two-Way Audio Communication
  • Detects Motion in the Area Monitored
  • Ready for Power over Ethernet (POE) Connections
  • Streams in H.264 and Motion JPEG
  • Easy Installation

AXIS P3344-V Overview

The AXIS P3344-V comes with a 12mm lens (0327-041) or a 6mm lens (0327-001).
The AXIS P3344-V fixed dome network camera is suitable for professional indoor surveillance jobs. The camera has excellent resolution and a host of features that make it suitable for high-security areas. It also has the capacity to provide excellent quality images in day or night conditions and to accommodate the needs of high-traffic network environments. The camera is also insulated against tampering, which makes it suitable for areas where deliberate sabotage of the camera is a very real threat.
The AXIS P3344-V fixed dome network camera is housed in a tough casing that prevents vandals from getting access to it. The images are streamed in IMP or HTDV 720p resolution, allowing for crisp image capture. The camera operates at SMTPE standards, providing the best quality color reproduction and an excellent frame rate. The camera can send two separate streams over the network. It utilizes both the H.264 format and the Motion JPEG format to optimize network bandwidth usage. The camera can be focused and zoomed remotely, which helps not only with monitoring but also eases installation.
The AXIS P3344-V fixed dome network camera can accept power over an Ethernet connection. This Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology allows the camera to be installed anywhere there is a network connection available without having to install a separate source of power. The camera also detects attempts to vandalize the device and can detect motion in the monitored area.