AXIS Q3515-LV (01039-001) 9mm Network Camera
AXIS Q3515-LV (01044-001) 22mm Network Camera


AXIS Q3515-LV (01044-001) 22mm Network Camera

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Replaced by: AXIS Q3536-LVE 29MM (02224-001)



  • HDTV 1080p video at up to 120 fps
  • Forensic WDR, Lightfinder and OptimizedIR
  • Axis Zipstream technology
  • EIS, IK10 vandal resistance, IP52 water and dust protection
  • Power with redundancy and configurable I/O ports

AXIS Q3515-LV is a vandal-resistant fixed dome for demanding locations. Thanks to its top-quality image sensor, along with Forensic WDR, Lightfinder technology and OptimizedIR illumination, the camera provides unparalleled video quality in any light conditions. Electronic image stabilization is instrumental for smooth and steady video when subject to vibrations. The camera offers redundancy between Power over Ethernet and DC power. Video analytics, supervised inputs and digital outputs further support the surveillance assignment.

Simply put, AXIS Q3515-LV delivers the best video quality possible. It offers HDTV 1080p video at full frame rate (up to 30 fps) with
Forensic WDR, Lightfinder and OptimizedIR enabled, and up to 120 fps without Forensic WDR and Lightfinder. That means it delivers excellent detail – of moving objects and people – as well as of scenes with both extremely bright and extremely dark areas. Thanks to Lightfinder, you also get sharp, color images in low light. OptimizedIR ensures excellent low-noise video even in complete darkness. And Axis Zipstream technology preserves important details in full image quality, while reducing storage and bandwidth by 50% or more. In addition, AXIS Q3515-LV offers a wide viewing-angle range with standard (3-9 mm) and telephoto (9-22 mm) lens options available.

AXIS Q3515-LV is designed to be resistant to shock and vibrations, and its IP52-rated casing protects it against dust and water. The camera is also vandal resistant with IK10 rating. Electronic image stabilization keeps the picture steady when the camera is exposed to vibrations. And what’s more, even if there is a power outage, redundant DC power and Power over Ethernet helps ensure a reliable power supply to safeguard all your mission critical surveillance.

This camera comes with pre-installed AXIS Motion Guard and
AXIS Fence Guard, making it ideal for surveillance of unattended areas and for protecting from intrusion. It also comes with two configurable input/output ports. A sensor such as a door switch, smoke detector or glass break detector can be connected to an input to trigger alarms or actions. An output can be connected to a device such as a relay to open/close doors or turn on/off lights. And you can use dynamic text overlays to add extra information to your video, such as alarm information triggered by connected sensors, or data obtained elsewhere in the system. Some examples of such data might be the current weather situation or which plane has just landed on the runway. In addition, the camera supports two-way audio, and an optional microphone is available for excellent audio capture.

AXIS Q3515-LV makes installation and maintenance easy with several helpful tools such as leveling assistant, auto rotation, remote zoom and focus and straighten-image aid. AXIS Q3515-LV also features flexible cable management and optional connections to any conduit.