AXIS T94F01M (5503-921)
AXIS T94F01M (5503-921) J-Box/Gang Box Plate


AXIS T94F01M (5503-921) J-Box/Gang Box Plate

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SKU: T94F01M (5503-921)



For mounting the camera on a:

  • Single gang box
  • Double gang box
  • 4" Square junction box
  • 4" Octagon junction box
  • Can also be used to mount compatible cameras on AXIS T98A17-VE Surveillance Cabinet, or AXIS T94P01B Corner Mount

  • For indoor and outdoor use (cable coupler for indoor use only)
  • Compatible Cabinets: AXIS T98A17-VE Surveillance Cabinet
  • Fixed Cameras: AXIS P1435-LE, AXIS P1447-LE, AXIS P1448-LE
  • Fixed Dome Cameras: AXIS M3024-LVE, AXIS M3025-VE, AXIS M3026-VE, AXIS M3027-PVE, AXIS M3037-PVE
  • Mounts: AXIS T94P01B Corner Bracket