AXIS YP3040 (5901-201)
AXIS YP3040 (5901-201) (shown with camera + YP3040 (5502-471) Wall Bracket)
AXIS YP3040 (5901-201) Pan-Tilt Motor


AXIS YP3040 (5901-201) Pan-Tilt Motor

Sale price$499.00
SKU: YP3040 (5901-201)

Replaced by: AXIS T99A10 Positioning Unit 24 V AC/DC AND AXIS T99A11 Positioning Unit 24 V AC/DC (01226-001 AND 01227-001)


AXIS YP3040 (5901-201) Features
  • Pan-tilt functionality for fixed cameras
  • Operator-controlled movement
  • IP66-rated protection
  • For column and wall mounting
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible cameras: AXIS P1364-E, AXIS P1365-E Mk II, AXIS Q1615-E Mk II, AXIS Q1635-E, AXIS Q1765-LE PT Mount, AXIS Q1941-E PT Mount, AXIS Q1942-E PT Mount, AXIS Q2901-E PT Mount
  • Compatible Housings: AXIS T92E05 Protective Housing, AXIS T92E20 Outdoor Housing, AXIS T93F05 Protective Housing, AXIS T93F10 Outdoor Housing, AXIS T93F20 Outdoor Housing