GeoVision GV-Pad
GeoVision GV-Pad


GeoVision GV-Pad

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SKU: 89-GVPAD00-W10U


  • Panel Device that Decodes and Displays IP Streams from GeoVision and Third-Party IP Devices
  • Light-Weight
  • Minimal Amount of Installation
  • Self-Equipped
  • Supports almost All Features of GV-IP Decoder Box
  • Receives up to 64 IP Streams through the network.
  • User can monitor channels, take snapshots, and pause at specific channels all through Supplied IR Remote Control
  • GV-Joystick can be installed to control GeoVision and third-party PT / PTZ / Speed Dome Cameras
  • Decode Video Streams in H.264 Codec at a Maximum Frame Rate of the IP Device
  • Decode up to 5 MegaPixel IP Cameras
  • Decode up to 64 IP Streams
  • Support for 3rd Party IP Cameras that Adhere to RTSP, ONVIF or PSIA
  • Support for Display of Matrix View through GV-Mobile Server
  • Support for 10/100 Ethernet over LAN
  • Support for Wi-Fi
  • Support for Single and Sequential Display
  • Support for GV-Joystick Control of GeoVision and Third-Party PT, PTZ and Speed Dome Cameras
  • Support for Remote Firmware Upgrade, IP Address Configuration and addition of new channel
  • Display of Matrix View through GV-Mobile Server
  • SD Card and USB Drive for Snapshot Storage and Firmware Upgrade