Hikvision HikCentral-ANPR-1Ch CMS LPR 1 Channel


Hikvision HikCentral-ANPR-1Ch HikCentral Central Management System LPR 1 Channel

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Hikvision HikCentral Central Management System, Supports ANPR Module and 1-ANPR Camera - Software Download

Hikvision HikCentral-P-ANPR-1Ch – HikCentral Processional Management Software with Single-channel ANPR License


  • LPR monitoring and operation
  • Vehicle list management
  • History recognized license plate search
  • License plate matched / mismatched alarm
  • License plate number capturing and storage
  • Search for videos and pictures based on License plate number, time and cameras
  • Black & White detection and list management
  • Vehicle Counting Report

Prerequisite: Video Surveillance System Base