Ivideon Queues 10 Plan
Ivideon Queues 10 Plan
Ivideon Queues 10 Plan


Ivideon Queues 10 Plan

Sale price$205.20
SKU: IVI-Queues 10


Single location: supporting security cameras, no matter how many. Multiple locations: unlimited surveillance sites, no matter the location. Any device: access to surveillance cameras, no matter the device (laptop, tablet, phone, video wall).

  • Unlimited number of queues from up to 7 detection zones
  • Live video and events only storage for the past 5 days. No recording to the cloud archive.
  • Smart notifications when motion or sound is detected
  • Unlimited local archive
  • Video export to a file with an unlimited number of clips, each up to 8 hours long
  • Camera access for 25 other users
  • Ability to embed camera feeds in websites and share videos to social networks
  • Up to 50 cameras per account

Pricing - Network Camera Store Customers get ~5% off of MSRP


  • $ 21.00 / month
  • $ 63.00 /3 months
  • $ 216.00 / year

Default price is for 1 year. Contact us if you want to be charged monthly or quarterly.

There are no return or refunds once a subscription has been purchased.