KBC Networks KBC-AL2-300W Solar Power Kits (KBC-AL2-300W)
KBC Networks AL2-300W Solar Power Kits

KBC Networks

KBC Networks AL2-300W Solar Power Kits

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The challenge of needing to mount surveillance equipment in remote locations where a network cannot be established using traditional methods has been a niche for which KBC has provided solutions for over 25 years. Many of those same applications also lack available and constant power. Arranging to get power to remote locations can be a very costly endeavor. A clean, easy, and affordable alternative is an engineered solar power kit that is specifically designed to support all the devices needing power. Our kits are conservatively specified and built to eliminate the threat of power outages in the shorter days of the winter months because we size the kit to the need. Because all needed components are built-in, there is no lost tech time on site trying to figure out how to assemble and wire the various items to complete the solution.

Product Features

  • Fully assembled power kits ready to apply batteries and mount.
  • Backplate with DIN Rail provided to mount additional equipment.
  • Advanced MPPT controller included and integrated; compatible with sealed lead acid or lithium iron phosphate batteries.
  • Two different sizes of lockable enclosures available; supports up to several days of stored power (variable based on power draw and battery bank installed).

Included in the Kits

  • Solar panel array and pole mounting kit
  • Battery enclosure with integrated power assembly including charge controller
  • 12VDC output
  • Mobile device battery and solar input diagnostic application (Available to download from app stores)
A clean, affordable, renewable solution that gives you reliable, 24/7 power for all types of equipment in any environment.
Simple "Plug and Play" Design. Just mount to a pole & plug your equipment into the available Powered Terminal Blocks, Provides Continuous Power Day and Night!
  • Eliminates the need to trench for power
  • Field Proven / Compact / Rugged
  • Engineered to work with both Lithium Phosphate and Sealed Lead Acid (AGM / Gel) batteries (not included)
  • Up to 5 days of backup time available
  • Power Output Options Available: (18, 24, 48, 56V PoE), (12, 24, 48, 56 VDC), (24 VAC), (120 - 240VAC)
  • Remote Power Kit Includes: Solar Panels with Mount, Enclosure with Mount & Pre-Configured Power Assembly