Lilin PCFLOW Traffic Management: Turn Left, turn right, wrong way
Lilin PCFLOW Traffic Management: Turn Left, turn right, wrong way


Lilin PCFLOW Traffic Management: Turn Left, turn right, wrong way

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  • Detect multiple objects, including pedestrians, bicycles, motorbikes, cars, pickups, trucks, busses, trailers, and other vehicles.
  • Gain statistical insight to real-time traffic patterns and moving violations.
  • Utilize simple and effective traffic queueing detection for traffic management and optional alarm notifications.

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LILIN Aida traffic flow management precisely detects multiple objects, such as pedestrians, bicycles, cars, motorbike, bus, truck, trailer, TUK TUK, and pickup truck detection. Manage traffic flows in real-time and sends alarm notifications when traffic congestion is detected, effectively diverting city traffic. Besides, utilizing the NAV Client management system to obtain big data report.

Object recognition supported Person, bicycle, car, motorbike, aeroplane, bus, train, truck, boat, tuktuk, trailer, pickup, fire engine, SUV, van, police car, ambulance
Camera supported LILIN cameras (recommended) and ONVIF cameras
Supported AI engines Traffic management
Aida computing power capacity Aida power 2 / ch
Rrecognition speed (per server) 4 recogs / sec / ch
Maximum objects recognized in a frame 24 objects / frame
Zone configuration 4 zones
Color recognition Traffic objects
AI recognition resolution requirement Traffic object 100x100 pixels
Object size filter Yes
Video resolution 1920 * 1080 or lower
Interface Language English / Traditional Chinese / Japanese / Italian
User management with access rights Three levels
Application Traffic management
Recording (optional) Navigator Corporate
Behavior counter 64
Behaviors Detection Traffic flow counting
left turn flow counting
right turn flow counting
wrong way counting
queuing detection
prohibit zone
parking violation
turn left violation
turn right violation
u-turn violation
run the red light
people density
NAV statistics report (optional) Vehicle flow, vehicle types, people counting, behavior counting, and color counting
NAV statistics report type (optional) Web based pie chart, bar chart, and line chart JPEG snapshot supported
NAV statistics report time range (optional) 7 days, 30 days and 60 days
NAV statistics summary (optional) Camera, object classification, or behavior summary report
NAV counter (optional) Support tripwire mode and object tracking
HTTP Post notification LILIN smart IO box, LILIN LED display, third-party network device, or cloud
HTTP/HTTPs push notfication with JPEG snapshot 16
Support Line notfication Via IFTTT
Digital output Controllable via IP cameras or LILIN Network I/O Box
Car park counting for multiple cameras LILIN LED display
Building capacity counting display LILIN LED display
Suggested CPU Intel® i7 or above
GPU/VPU supported NVidia 2060 6G or above
System memory RAM 16G (recommended)
OS requirement Windows 10 with DirectX 12 installed