Milestone XPABL - XProtect Access Base License
Milestone XPADL - XProtect Access Door License (DL)


Milestone XPADL - XProtect Access Door License (DL)

Sale price$39.00


Reader license for one single video enabled access point (door, gate, etc.).


The XProtect Add-on product will be covered by the Milestone Care service level of the underlying VMS or NVR product without separate charge.

XProtect Access

Milestone XProtect Access is an XProtect Add-on product that video enables physical security through integration of access control and intrusion systems. XProtect Access provides operators unified access to all primary and most common functions in the integrated access control system as an integral part of XProtect Smart Client. The video enablement of access control systems empowers operators to effectively monitor access events, manually assist passages and conduct investigations on specific access points or cardholders, while enriching the value of reports and evidence material.

Extending the capabilities of the Milestone Integration Platform, the unique plug-in architecture makes integration of physical security systems easy, while reducing cost of installation at the customer site. With its decoupling of the video system and the access control system, XProtect Access provides customers with the freedom of selecting the system of their choice to match the specific needs and budget.

XProtect Access is an XProtect Add-on product, compatible with all XProtect VMS products, except XProtect Essential+.