NUUO SCB Compression Card Specs
NUUO SCB-7116 DVR Hardware Compression Card


NUUO SCB-7116 DVR Hardware Compression Card

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NUUO SCB-7116 Features

  • Video Input: 16 Cameras
  • Audio Input: 16 Channels
  • Display Rate @ D1: 480 fps (NTSC); 400 fps (PAL)
  • Recording Rate @ D1: 480 fps (NTSC); 400 fps (PAL)
  • Support I/O Card Number: 4 Cards
  • Video Onput: 2 RCA/ 1 HDMI
  • Maximum Cards: 1 Card
  • Maximum Channels: 16 Channels**
  • Video Resolution: NTSC: 176x120; 352x240; 704x480; PAL: 176x144; 352x288; 704x576
  • TV Output Rate***: w/DP: 10 fps (RCA/DP); w/o DP: 25 fps (RCA); Only DP: 14 fps
  • Compression Format: H.264
  • Interface: PCI-e x1
  • Available I/O Box: SCB-C24/C26/C28, SCB-S-IO
  • Hardware Watchdog: Support
  • Dimension: 216 (W) x 126 (H) mm
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Please Note: Also available in an 8 camera format (SCB-7108)

**7100 and 8004HD cards can be installed with 6000S/7000S to have more analog inputs per system.
***DP stands for digital output

System Minimum Requirements (per card)

  • OS Supported: Windows XP (32-bit) / Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) / Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 QuadQ8400
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • HDD: 250 GB
  • Motherboard: Intel P45, or P43 chip or above, MB vendor ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI with Intel Chipset recommended
  • Display: ATI Radeon HD 4350 or above (ATI Driver V11-5 recommended ATI Driver V10 not support)

NUUO SCB Series DVR Card Overview

NUUO DVR is a PC-based analog recording system that supports analog cameras. The H.264 hardware compression cards can increase the CPU efficiency while the Mpeg4 software compression cards will fit nicely into a wide array of projects. Both NTSC and PAL standards are compatible with any NUUO DVR. Main Console 3.5.10 is officially released to support HD-SDI cameras. NUUO DVR can be upgraded into a NDVR hybrid system by adding IP camera license onto it. It is a simple one-step process for any DVR owners who are ready to leap into the IP world. Multisite projects or large scale single site projects are both easily accommodated by NUUO DVR/NDVR solutions through the addition of NUUO CMS. NUUO CMS can manage an unlimited number of NUUO servers and cameras including DVR and NDVR hybrid.