Vigitron Vi00026 PoE Class Changer
Vigitron Vi00026  PoE Class Changer


Vigitron Vi00026 PoE Class Changer

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The Vi00026 requests maximum IEEE 802.3at PoE power from the PoE source regardless of the PoE load power level.

There are many reasons that IP/PoE CCTV applications may require more power than the end PoE device. This can be due to higher wire resistance, start up power surge, or features such as day/night and LED start up. Also when using Ethernet extenders the total required PoE power will be higher than the camera power requirment. The Vi00026 the eliminates the possibility of power mismatch between the camera PoE power level and the total PoE power require for the whole link and avoid camera shut downs due to insufficient PoE power.

Vigitron’s Vi00026 PoE power class changer takes the guess work out of all these potential problems. Using a built in PD and PSE, the Vi00026 helps to bridge the power requirement differences assuring the more reliable connections.


  • Requests maximum IEEE 802.3at PoE power from PoE source
  • Maintains IEEE 802.3 PoE protection features
  • Establishes handshaking from PoE
  • Eliminates PoE shut down due to insuffiucient PoE power level request specially at extended distances
  • Assures that reliable PoE is provided to connected device