Everything that comes in the 8335H Bundle: choose from the IP8335H and the FD8335H and also get the Vivotek ND8301 and the Planet FGSD-910P
Vivotek FD8335H dome camera
Vivotek IP8335H bullet camera
Vivotek ND8301 NVR
Planet FGSD-910P PoE switch
Vivotek IP/FD8335H Bundle


Vivotek IP/FD8335H Bundle

Sale price$4,150.00
SKU: IP/FD8335H Bundle


Vivotek IP8335H Bullet camera, FD8335H Dome camera, ND8301 NVR, & Planet FGSD-910P Switch Features:

Follow the links for more product information: Vivotek IP8335H features, Vivotek FD8335H features, Vivotek ND8301 NVR features, Planet FSGD-910P PoE switch features.

Please select the eight cameras for the bundle and either no pre-installed hard drive, 1TB, 2TB, or 3TB pre-installed hard drive for the ND8301.

Vivotek IP/FD8335H Bundle Overview:

We've taken two of Vivotek's best-selling cameras and put them into a value bundle to save you time and money. Vivotek's FD8335H and IP8335H cameras have 720p resolution and are designed with challenging lighting conditions in mind. Vivotek combined their P-Iris technology with WDR Pro capabilities in these cameras so that high-contrast light areas such as covered porches, entryways, loading docks, parking lots and driveways, lobby entrances, ATMs, and more have ideal viewing quality at all times. These cameras are smart and tough: with IK10-rated vandal-proof and IP66-rated weatherproof housings these cameras are designed to take what Mother Nature and thieves throw at them and continue to function at the high performance level you expect from Vivotek products. To make recording, viewing, and alarm management control as easy as possible we’ve included Vivotek’s ND8301 NVR running on Vivotek’s professional-grade VAST software. As every on-the-go professional requires, VAST is fully compatible with Vivotek’s iViewer application that allows for remote access to the ND8301 on handheld devices. For even more cost flexibility we’ve left the storage capacity up to you: choose the storage amount you need whether it’s small for motion-detection only or large for 24/7 recording. As the cameras can be powered via Power over Ethernet we have also included Planet’s superb FGSD-910P switch. Planet specializes in PoE products and is a leader in their field for quality and innovation. In short, for toughness, excellent capability, and high quality, this bundle has your business and home covered.