Vivotek IP7251 Day Night Network IP Camera
Vivotek IP7251 Day Night Network IP Camera
Vivotek IP7251 Day Night Network IP Camera


Vivotek IP7251 Day Night Network IP Camera

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Vivotek IP7251 Features

  • SONY Progressive Scan CCD Module in VGA Resolution
  • 2.9mm~8.2mm Vari-focal, Auto-iris Lens
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Intelligent Scene Analysis Capabilities Onboard
  • Powerful DSP
  • Progressive Scan CCD Means Crisp Image Capture
  • Digital I/O for Connecting Sensors and Alarms
  • Capable of Pan/Tilt Functions with RS-485 Interface
  • MPEG-4 and MJPEG Compression Codecs
  • Removable IR-cut Filter
  • Saves Network Bandwidth by Processing Images Onboard
  • Transmits Two Streams at Once

Vivotek IP7251 Overview

The IP7251 fixed network camera offers intelligent features that provide direct benefits to security. Equipped with technology that can analyze the information in the frame, it can alert you to situations that may be threats. The IP7251 fixed network camera has the ability to detect attempts to tamper with the camera, the ability to detect motion and the ability to detect loitering. This makes it ideal for monitoring areas that have to be watched constantly.

The IP7251 fixed network camera can detect when the camera is moved or defocused. It can also detect if an attempt is made to sabotage the camera by spray painting the lens. The IP7251 fixed network camera can also detect behaviors such as loitering. The motion detection features on the camera are intelligent enough to distinguish between predictable sources of motion—swaying trees, etc.—and those that indicate that someone is within the field of view. This camera does all this onboard, with a powerful Digital Signal Processor. This reduces the amount of traffic on your network by reducing the amount of information that needs to be sent to a server for processing.

Installation is convenient with the IP7251 fixed network camera. The device is provided with PoE—Power over Ethernet—capability, making locating the camera very convenient. The camera is also capable of broadcasting two streams simultaneously. By making use of the MJPEG and MPEG-4 compression codecs, the camera can save bandwidth while still providing razor sharp images.