Vivotek PT7135 3GPP Pan/Tilt IP Network Camera
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Vivotek PT7135 3GPP Pan/Tilt IP Network Camera


Vivotek PT7135 3GPP Pan/Tilt IP Network Camera

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Vivotek PT7135 Features

  • Alarm-based Activation with Shots Before and After the Event
  • Excellent in Low Light Conditions
  • 3G Compatible with Streaming Video
  • Streaming Video with Web Interfaces
  • Excellent Pan and Tilt Capabilities
  • Motion Detection via a Triple-Window System
  • Suitable for Home or Office Use
  • Captures at 30 frames per second
  • RTSP—Real Time Streaming Protocol Technology
  • 3GPP Streaming Capabilities

Vivotek PT7135 Overview

The PT7135 network camera offers a host of features that make it suitable for constructing an entire security system for the home or the office. This camera allows you to remotely monitor the camera’s view from anywhere. Compatible with both web-based monitoring technologies and 3G cellular telephones, the camera allows you to keep an eye on what’s going on at your home or office, no matter where you’re located at the time.

In low light, the PT7135 network camera delivers excellent quality images. The camera is also capable of accommodating bandwidth limitations. Provided with MPEG-4 compression technology, the camera can deliver high-quality video without draining network resources to the point that performance degrades. The camera captures motion at 30 frames per second. It captures in VGA resolution and, if the field of view isn’t centered on the right spot, you can take advantage of the camera’s considerable capabilities where panning and tilting are concerned.

The cellular phone compatibility features allow you to watch the camera on your telephone without any additional software. This streaming video capability allows you to enjoy freedom and security at the same time. The compact PT7135 network camera can fit in small spaces and provide excellent security without compromising the look of your home or office. The ease of use and wide-range of technical capabilities make this an ideal piece of equipment for constructing your own security system. For indoor surveillance, the PT7135 network camera delivers a lot in a small package.