Vivotek PZ7131 2.6x Zoom POE PTZ IP Network Camera
Vivotek PZ7131 2.6x Zoom POE PTZ IP Network Camera


Vivotek PZ7131 2.6x Zoom POE PTZ IP Network Camera

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Vivotek PZ7131 Features

  • 2.6x Zoom
  • Multiple Streams at Different Resolutions
  • 3GPP Mobile Surveillance Ready
  • Digital I/O
  • MPEG-4 and MJPEG Compression in Real Time
  • Very Wide Pan and Tilt Ranges
  • Allows Switching Between Internal and External Microphones
  • Comes with 32-CH ST7501 Central Management Software Included
  • VGA Resolution
  • 1/4 Inch CMOS Sensor

Vivotek PZ7131 Overview

The PZ7131 network camera provides an effective solution for indoor monitoring needs. It is suitable for use in retail establishments and other locations where a wide-angle field of view and great flexibility in panning and tilting capability are needed. This camera has a 2.6x zoom capability, allowing it to home in on areas of interest within the range of coverage. The camera also allows for the transmission of dual streams in different resolutions. MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression mean that the camera is easy on bandwidth while delivering high-quality images.

The PZ7131 network camera is also flexible in its installation options. The camera features on-board 802.3af technology, providing it with full PoE capability. Power over Ethernet allows for the widest possible range of installation options and saves money on the costs involved. The PZ7131 network camera is also compatible with mobile monitoring technology and features 3GPP surveillance capability. The camera can accommodate external sensors via its Digital I/O connections. The built-in microphone and the capability to use an external microphone increase the level of surveillance any space can be given.

The PZ7131 network camera can be set up in short order with the included recording software, which can handle 16 channels of recording. The camera’s field of view is one of its most impressive features. With 350 degrees of horizontal visibility and 125 degrees of vertical coverage, this camera brings even large spaces into full view. It is ideal for cost-effective, indoor surveillance systems with wide areas of coverage.

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