Vivotek RX7101 Video Decoder
Vivotek RX7101 Video Decoder


Vivotek RX7101 Video Decoder

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Vivotek RX7101 Features

  • Integrates Digital and Analog Components
  • Supports Quad-Screen Display
  • RS-485 Interface
  • Web Interface Allows Control and Configuration
  • Television Sets, Switches and Other Analog Devices Supported
  • Receives 1 Channel of D1
  • Receives 4 Channels of CIF
  • Converts MPEG-4 and MJPEG to Analog
  • Compatible with VIVOTEK 7000 Series Cameras
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Supports PPoE, UPnP and More

Vivotek RX7101 Overview

The RX7101 network video receiver allows you to integrate digital and analog technology on your network. The device can also convert digital formats such as MPEG-4 and MJPEG to analog, allowing the easy combining of video equipment that uses different formats. The RX7101 network video receiver allows you to attach analog monitors, television sets and video switches that utilize analog technology to cameras and servers that use digital technology.

The RX7101 network video receiver can be configured via the built in web server. The connections can also automatically be set when the system is booted, allowing for fast and convenient setup. The system also allows the use of panning and tilting technology, as well as area scanning. Bandwidth-saving digital formats are decoded in real time, allowing constant monitoring of any security area. 4 channels of CIF video can be sent to the receiver, as can one channel of D1 video. The receiver also supports quad-screen display.

If you need to add the latest technology to your network, the RX7101 network video receiver can accommodate you. The device can support any of VIVOTEK’s 7000 series cameras. This allows you to expand the number of digital, IP surveillance devices on your network while still employing your analog monitors and other devices at the same time. Other video servers, including digital video servers, can be used with the RX7101 network video receiver. It supports numerous different types of networking, including HTTP, UPnP and PPPoE.