Vivotek VCA
Vivotek VCA
Vivotek VCA Line Crossing detection
Vivotek VCA Field Detection
Vivotek VCA Loitering Detection
Vivotek VCA: On-Camera Video Content Analysis


Vivotek VCA: On-Camera Video Content Analysis

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Vivotek VCA Overview

VIVOTEK's Video Content Analysis (VCA) is an embedded application package for VIVOTEK cameras, and includes three key functions—Line Crossing Detection, Field Detection, and Object Counting. The VCA application package follows the debut of the VIVOTEK Application Development Platform (VADP), an open platform for integrating video analysis functionality within its cameras, and can analyze data directly on a camera to provide solutions for business applications, in addition to traditional security use.

The Line Crossing Detection function detects when objects in the field of view cross a virtual line in either or both directions. Field Detection triggers an event when objects move into or out of a configurable region of interest. Object Counting records detected objects or persons of interest moving across lines, tabulating the data in graphs and tables, while also providing configurable reset and report intervals. Together, these smart components can support advanced analytics applications such as staff deployment planning, customer traffic analysis, physical environment arrangement, and marketing strategy evaluation to meet the needs of retailers and other businesses.